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Applicant Info and Eligibility

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Applicant Information

There are no currently active SEED competitions. Please continue to check our site for future competition information.

Previous Competitions

To learn more about previous competitions, please visit the links below.



The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) expanded the eligibility for the SEED program. ESSA allows the following entity types to apply for a SEED grant. Please see the NIA for additional eligibility information, program requirements, and definitions.

Who may apply:

  1. an institution of higher education that provides course materials or resources that are evidence-based in increasing academic achievement, graduation rates, or rates of postsecondary education matriculation;
  2. a national nonprofit entity with a demonstrated record of raising student academic achievement, graduation rates, and rates of higher education attendance, matriculation, or completion, or of effectiveness in providing preparation and professional development activities and programs for teachers, principals, or other school leaders;
  3. the Bureau of Indian Education; or
  4. a partnership consisting ofโ€”
    1. 1 or more entities described in paragraph (1) or (2); and
    2. a for-profit entity.