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School/District Administrator

Building STEM Teacher Leadership

Reflections by the STEM teacher leader community on opportunities and gaps in STEM teacher leader development efforts

Are you a School District Administrator?

Here are some FAQs, organized by topic, that are particularly relevant to you!

Models of STEM Teacher Leadership ?

What are potential roles of a STEM teacher leader?

What knowledge, skills, and dispositions are required to be a STEM teacher leader?

How might STEM teacher leadership support a vision of integrated STEM instruction and innovation?

What support structures can help STEM teacher leaders do their job effectively?

Elementary STEM Teacher Leaders

How is elementary STEM defined?

How do programs approach elementary STEM teacher leadership?

How can administrators and district leaders support elementary STEM educators?

Administrator Support for STEM Teacher Leadership

How can STEM teacher leadership benefit my school and the work of administrators?

What might administrators consider when assessing need and feasibility for STEM teacher leadership for their schools?

What might administrators consider when initiating a new effort in STEM teacher leadership?

What might administrators consider when implementing STEM teacher leadership?

What district and school conditions can strengthen implementation of STEM teacher leadership?

What might administrators consider when evaluating and sustaining a STEM teacher leader program?

What steps could guide an administrator who is interested in implementing a STEM teacher leadership program?

From Teacher Candidate to STEM Teacher Leader

What are the benefits for districts/schools in partnering with teacher preparation programs that expose teacher candidates to STEM teacher leader concepts and opportunities?

What are considerations when building a strong relationship between teacher preparation programs and districts that are focused on STEM teacher leadership?

Building STEM Teacher Leader Networks

(We have not curated FAQs under this topic for your role, but you can easily access the longer list of FAQs on this topic by clicking on the link below.) See all FAQs related to this topic.

Evaluation of Teacher Leader Programs

Why is program evaluation important for programs that train or support STEM teacher leaders? What is program evaluation?

How is evaluating the performance of a STEM teacher leader program different than evaluating an individual teacher? How should program leaders frame what is being evaluated to participants?

How can I tell if a STEM teacher leader program I’m considering participating in, or sending teachers in my school/district to, is a fit with my goals?