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National Funder/Policymaker

Building STEM Teacher Leadership

Reflections by the STEM teacher leader community on opportunities and gaps in STEM teacher leader development efforts


Are you a National Funder or Policymaker?

Here are some FAQs, organized by topic, that are particularly relevant to you!

Model of STEM Teacher Leadership

What are potential roles of a STEM teacher leader?

What support structures can help STEM teacher leaders do their job effectively?

Elementary STEM Teacher Leaders

What are the benefits of having elementary STEM teacher leaders?

How can elementary STEM teacher leaders overcome common barriers to support elementary STEM learning?

Administrator Support for STEM Teacher Leadership

How can STEM teacher leadership benefit my school and the work of administrators?

What district and school conditions can strengthen implementation of STEM teacher leadership?

What steps could guide an administrator who is interested in implementing a STEM teacher leadership program?

From Teacher Candidate to STEM Teacher Leader

How can teacher preparation programs support STEM teacher leader pathways and the development of STEM teacher leaders?

Building STEM Teacher Leader Networks

What are STEM teacher leader networks?

How can high-quality STEM teacher leader networks be sustained and maintained?

What are the factors to consider in developing high-quality STEM teacher leader networks?

What are some examples of how high-quality STEM teacher leader networks are organized under different contexts?

Evaluation of Teacher Leader Programs

Why is program evaluation important for programs that train or support STEM teacher leaders? What is program evaluation?

How do I set goals for a program evaluation? And balance them with goals of other stakeholders?

What are important contextual factors and characteristics of the program to consider when planning an evaluation?

What factors influence the costs and other resources needed to conduct a program evaluation?