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Applicant Info and Eligibility

Applicant Information

FY 2019 Competition (Go here for current EIR competition information)
FY 2018 Competition (Historical EIR Competition information)
FY 2017 Competition (Historical EIR Competition information)



Eligible Applicants:

      (a) An LEA;
      (b) A State educational agency;
      (c) The Bureau of Indian Education;
      (d) A consortium of State educational agencies or LEAs;
      (e) A nonprofit organization; and
      (f) A State educational agency, an LEA, a consortium described in (d), or the Bureau of Indian Education, in partnership with–
        (1) A nonprofit (as defined in this notice) organization;
        (2) A business;
        (3) An educational service agency; or
        (4) An institution of higher education.

To qualify as a rural applicant under the EIR program, an applicant must meet both of the following requirements:

      (a) The applicant is–
        (1) An LEA with an urban-centric district locale code of 32, 33, 41, 42, or 43, as determined by the Secretary;
        (2) A consortium of such LEAs;
        (3) An educational service agency or a nonprofit organization in partnership with such an LEA; or
        (4) A grantee described in clause (1) or (2) in partnership with a State educational agency; and
      (b)  A majority of the schools to be served by the program are designated with a locale code of 32, 33, 41, 42, or 43, or a combination of such codes, as determined by the Secretary.
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