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Included below is information regarding the new awards made in each fiscal year since FY 2016.

Fiscal Year (FY) Number of new awards
FY 2018 3
FY 2017 1
FY 2016 1

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Year Awarded Grantee Project Title Duration (Years) Year 1 Total Expected Funding City State Score Abstract Application Reviewers’ Comments
Funded FY 2018 Application
2018 Center for Civic Education Strengthening Democracy Through History and Civics: American History and Civics Presidential and Congressional Academies 5 $589,820 $2,845,272 Calabasas CA 105.33 PDF
(13 KB)
2018 Kentucky Educational Development Corporation Project American Success through Purposeful Instruction and Rigorous Education (A.S.P.I.R.E.) 5 $698,899 $3,495,500 Ashland KY 96.00 PDF
(13 KB)
2018 University of Wisconsin Parkside Uncovering an Alternative Historical Narrative: Diverse Contributions to American History and Civics 3 $526,281 $1,397,582 Kenosha WI 105.33 PDF
(12 KB)
Funded FY 2017 Application
2017 California State University, Fresno Foundation Reimagine Educating: American Civics and History Academies for Better Learning and Engagement (REACHABLE) 5 $344,032 $1,704,047 Fresno CA 107.67
Funded FY 2016 Application
2016 Kentucky Educational Development Corporation Project H.E.A.R.T 3 $385,039 $1,751,759 Ashland KY 99.00 MS Word
(25 KB)
(827 KB)
(162 KB)


Please Note: This program has been combined with Academies for American History and Civics program.

The Department awarded 2 grants under the FY 2005 Presidential Academies for American History and Civics Education competition. View the FY 2005 abstracts.