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Statewide Family Engagement Centers Program

CFDA Number: 84.310A Program Type: Discretionary/Competitive Grants

What’s New

Application Submission Update: SFEC applicants who are experiencing problems with completing or renewing their System for Award Management (SAM) registration have the option of submitting their application via email. Please see the SAM.GOV ALERT on the Applicant Info and Eligibility page.

Pre-Application Webinar: On Wednesday, July 11th, the Department hosted a pre-application webinar for SFEC potential applicants. Topics included a program overview, eligibility, competitive preference priorities, application and program requirements, selection criteria, and the application submission process. For those who were not able to attend, the webinar was recorded and can be accessed here. A PDF of the webinar slides can also be downloaded for review.

Call for Peer Reviewers: The Department is seeking peer reviewers from various educational backgrounds and professions, including family engagement practitioners, State or district education officials, PK-12 teachers and principals, college or university educators, researchers, and evaluators with experience, content knowledge and expertise in one or more of the following areas: parent and family engagement; education and program administration; and evaluation of educational programs.

Please read through the instructions and complete the screening form if you are interested as a peer reviewer in the Statewide Family Engagement Center grant competition.

Notice Inviting Applications: The Department published the Notice Inviting Applications (NIA) the 2018 Statewide Family Engagement Centers (SFEC) program competition on Thursday, June 28, 2018. The deadline for submission of applications is Monday, July 30, 2018. For additional information, please visit the Applicant Info and Eligibility page.

Notice of Intent to Apply: Please send a short email message indicating your organization’s intent to submit an application for funding. The email need not include information regarding the content of the application. This email notification should be sent to with “INTENT TO APPLY” in the subject line by July 13, 2018. Applicants that do not notify us of their intent to apply may still apply for funding.

SFEC Blog Inviting Public Opinion and Suggestions: In May 2018, the Department posted a blog that included the SFEC legislation and solicited the public’s opinions , ideas, suggestions, and comments for Departmental consideration. The blog post and comments can be found here:

Program Description

The purpose of the SFEC program is to provide financial support to organizations that provide technical assistance and training to State educational agencies (SEAs) and local educational agencies (LEAs) in the implementation and enhancement of systemic and effective family engagement policies, programs, and activities that lead to improvements in student development and academic achievement. The Secretary is authorized to award grants to statewide organizations (or consortia of such organizations) in partnership with an SEA to establish statewide family engagement centers that (1) carry out parent education and family engagement in education, programs, and (2) provide comprehensive training and technical assistance to SEAs, LEAs, schools identified by SEAs and LEAs, organizations that support family-school partnerships and other such programs.

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